The musings and words of author Chris Broster as he sets out on his journey of word smithing.

Black Library Weekender 3 (2014)

Well here I am sat in another Hotel room wishing I was in the other Hotel, The Belfry, Nottingham. Why so down you ask? Last Fri, Sat and Sun I was immersed in the Black Library Weekend 3! And? I hear you say? Well for a budding a Sci-Fi author who thoroughly enjoys the Warhammer 40K universe and all that dwell within it, this was great fun. With a relaxed meet up Fri Pm to discuss writings and projects with fellow buddings, then heading into the Belfry and let the fun begin. Many of the Authors and Editors were already resident and suffered the attentions of the needy and nerdy alike. Several beers later and having made good my escape it was off to bed to prepare for a full on 2 days of books!

Full English breakfast under my belt I plunged into the Writing Styles seminars and Writing For Black Library hints and tips. To say I wrote more words over this weekend than I normally manage would be unfair, but true enough. Hopefully some of the sage advice I garnered from Authors and Editors alike will aid my journey onwards to publication. Dan Abnett summed it up with his comment “Writing Styles: Violence – says it all for Warhammer 40K”.

Saturday evening was a fine mix of Universally Challenged, a riot as always, did the feeble Authors really think they would win – ever! Pitch factor was lower key this year and just for fun, but at least I got to pitch? Dan Abnett, yes I did say Dan Abnett liked my pitch! (ok he started with “I like your look”) and Nik Vincent was ever constructive, with ‘The Dr’ Chris Wraight also adding praise as a finale. Now to get that into words for the next submission window? More beer and words in the bar with fun photobombing on Graham McNeil’s phone- Never leave your phone on the Bar!

Sunday morning whizzed past with more wise words and interesting hints and tips from all about… And then it was over! A mad dash back to Bris’ol, see the family for 5 hours then back in the car and here I am in Leamington Spa on an auditing course zzzzzzzz, wondering how many days to the Horus Heresy Weekender in May? I need another fix….

In the mean time I shall just have to read my new books, laugh at the updates and throw down my ????????? Idea into a story that might one day get me on the other side of the Seminar Table, after all what else does a writer do other than deal in dreams.